Shott Trinova

A specialist investment and advisory firm focused on established small-and-medium-size-enterprises with high growth potential in chemicals, materials, industrial biotech, pharma and medical technology sectors.

Partners in Growth

We relish working with technology and consider the international landscape an opportunity. A results-driven business, we make investments in our partners when the circumstances are right.

We currently lead and drive a carefully selected portfolio of companies.

Working together, the emphasis is on delivering significantly accelerated growth and embedding value and goodwill in our partners  – and then helping shareholders realise value from their business as it enters a phase of sustainably increasing profits.

Our Partners

  • Arcinova

    A Contract Research and Development Organisation (CRDO), providing the pharmaceutical industry with a comprehensive range of services.

  • BPE Design & Support

    A design engineering and modelling business with proprietary technology and extensive chemical/biochemical engineering experience.

  • Kiln Flame Systems

    A combustion technology design, fabrication and installation company with significant proprietary technology, focused on industrial sales worldwide.