The Scottish Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre (IBioIC) is bridging the gap between education and industry in this increasingly important sector.

IB Innovation Centre

The objective of IBioIC is to leverage the Science and Technology base of the Scottish Universities to provide a foundation for the creation of a fast growing Industrial Cluster of companies and businesses employing Industrial Biotechnology (IB) to exploit the latest genomic/synthetic biology technology advances. The target is to add £1billion to the Scottish economy by 2025.

We guided the formation, strategy, senior recruitment and fundraising to enable launch in January 2014 when Ian Shott became Chairman.

We have so far recruited over 65 companies to pay to join the centre, as members, and are in discussion with more than 175 other companies.  Over £15million pounds of development funds have been identified and the centre is helping companies to win this.  Almost £3million has been invested in open access screening and scale-up facilities to help companies reduce the risk and cost of industrialisation.

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