The aim of Nottingham University's Synthetic Biology Research Centre is to enable the sustainable production of carbon-based chemicals and fuels.

Synthetic Biology Research Centre

SBRC’s ambition is to combine expertise from a variety of academic disciplines including green chemistry, biology and computational sciences to create optimised chassis to allow the replacement of petrochemical derived commodity compounds, utilise waste GHG, alleviate climate change and facilitate wealth creation through the emerging waste economy.

The centre is recruiting internationally to secure the best brains and wants to establish international recognition as a leading Research Centre with Industrialisation ambitions. We helped the University shape its strategy and proposal to successfully secure £15.4million of BBSRC funding to establish the multidisciplinary Research Centre at the University. The centre was launched in 2013 when Ian Shott became Chairman of the Strategic Advisory Board and now has more than 120 top level scientists engaged.  It is rapidly developing game changing technology some of which is already being used commercially.

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