Our team have a wealth of experience and knowledge, allowing us to inspire and mentor leadership and team development.


Ian Shott CBE FREng

Managing Director and Strategy Lead

A seasoned leader and transformer of global international businesses, start-ups and medium-sized enterprises, Ian founded Shott Trinova with Paul Ryan in 2012.

“I’m an entrepreneur and an engineer. I love working with small businesses with untapped potential.  We use our knowledge, experience, tools, judgement and global networks to create value and sustainable growth.”

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Steve Jones FCA

Finance Lead

Steve has been a Chartered Accountant for 30 years, manages his own financial consultancy firm, and works with Shott Trinova clients to ensure these businesses fulfil their full growth and profitability potential to the benefit of business owners.

“There is no better feeling than seeing the positive effect on a business from activating a change you have recommended to their way of working. Shott Trinova understand this - the application of targeted, appropriate financial discipline can enable a step change in profitability, cash generation, financial resilience and the ultimate success of the business."

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Mark Gallon

Business Development and Market Analysis Lead

Mark is an award-winning writer on business strategy methods and sales and marketing specialist, with a high-quality international consulting pedigree across many sectors.

"Shott Trinova is a well-integrated team of complementary, mature professionals who allow me to get clients where they need to be – on time and with the minimum of fuss."

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Jan Ramakers

Market Intelligence Lead

Jan's specialties are competitive intelligence; market analysis; mergers and acquisitions; due diligence; strategy development; portfolio analysis; benchmarking.

"Shott Trinova is a team of mature professionals, well-tuned into each other and delivering excellent value service to clients."

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Nicole Shott

Office Manager

Nicole has co-founded a number of consultancy businesses over the last two decades and then helped ensure seamless and effective operations.

“I pay attention to detail to pre-empt issues and ensure faultless operations for our clients”.


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